The culprit is That Guy - Part 1/3

One of the key results of Baba’s months of PSI drive research was the replacement of the fake black box at the wind farm with a real PSI drive. Just attaching the black box-shaped PSI drive to the wind turbine did wonders. The wind turbines produced power 24/7 even without my involvement. However, seeing the black box fall into the into the dark side of labor, the company employees shuddered in terror and they offered their blank paid-leave application to appease the raging god at the wind turbine shrine.[1]

Anyways, thanks to Black Box-kun’s hard work, I was able to channel my (super) power towards the investigation of the two detectives with enough composure. Although I think it’s a tad bit unfair to all the actual employees, I don’t intend on changing my plans. Because If someone wants a white-collar job, they should work instead of praying to God.

_Don’t beg for it, earn it! Do that and you will be rewarded._[2]

Now then, let’s do our usual “house visit”.


Yasui Yasuo.

31 years old. Lives alone in a condo (rent 120,000 yen) in Tokyo. Has an imported car in the garage. Always wears a tailored suit and an expensive Swiss watch. Umm…There is a camera on display on the living room shelf (…).

Hmm…Is it possible for a Detective to make this much at the age of 31?

Let’s see, the annual income of a Detectives is about 8,000,000 yen (~$75,000). A good chunk of it will be used to pay taxes, rent, utilities, gasoline, etc. From what I have observed, he eats at a fancy restaurant almost every day so that’s one expensive habit right there. To sum up, this sort of lifestyle would drain all your salary. There is no way you could save anything while spending like that.

I considered the possibility of him being born with a silver-spoon and inheriting his parents’ wealth or winning a jackpot from gambling, but his parents, although still alive, had retired years ago and now did backyard farming as a hobby. And while it was customary for him to go to a you-know-what shop where the hot Nee-san would fawn all over him, he didn’t gamble.

Then how does he earns so much money?

When I tailed him for a bit longer, I found him selling some inside information at a sketchy bar in the middle of the night and receiving cash in exchange.

For a while I considered it to be an undercover investigation however, when I saw Detective Yasui going “gehehe”, chuckling like an idiot, I knew that he was just a dishonest bastard.

I was thinking of having Detective Yasui turning on the police, but he is already one step ahead of me.

It’s bad. It’s really bad!

It seems like I wasn’t the only one who thought of him as an easy target, the criminals were quick to notice as well.

Hmm, he’s a bad cop alright. There’s no doubt he’s a bad guy who betrays the trust of the public and his colleagues to fill his coffers and finance his lavish lifestyle. It’s an unmistakable felony in the law, but it’s hard to completely hate him. As I continued eavesdropping, I noticed he doesn’t leak any information that will cause someone to die, and he’s clever enough to dodge any attempt by the gang to completely take him in. He’s a bad cop, sure, but he’s not nefarious. He’s not incompetent, but he isn’t competent either. In other words he’s just a small-time villain.

However, it is still a bit unnerving to have someone who would betray you at the drop of a beat, working with you. So, I put Detective Yasui on hold and investigated Detective Kumano with caution next.

Kumano Sakyo

Kumano Sakyo. 52 years old. Huge. Works in Metropolitan Police Department. He was married but lost his wife early on in an accident, and has remained single without any children till this day. He lives alone in a cheap apartment. He donates his salary to several struggling dojos in the neighborhood. Thus, he is revered like an Idol.

Detective Kumano has an amazing physique. Amazing muscles. Amazing career. His home is an old dojo where he’s been training from a young age. He’s achieved good results in various martial arts style. He won the kendo tournament in middle school. That didn’t satisfy him so, he went on to become proficient in judo and karate. And also won the shooting tournament for three years in a row and entered the hall of fame. He also won at the Police Arrest Convention[3] as if it were only natural. He participates in the Tokyo marathon every year, maintaining a rank of around five hundred.

It may be because he has such a background, no, it is because he has such a background, that he is not arrogant but humble. Many of the certificates and trophies he had won were in his closet, and only a few of them were modestly put on display in his bedroom. Furthermore, he is able to find time every day without fail for training, and even now when he is over 50 years old, his body is still in perfect shape.

It seems that he is quite popular in the Organized Crime Control Bureau and his colleagues amiably call him ‘Bear-san’. There are also rumors that he had actually fought a real bear.

Although, the stoic Detective Kumano is a veteran at hand-to-hand combat, I did found some old adventure novel quietly lined up on his living room’s bookshelves. The lineup of faded and worn-out old novels are about a fighter mowing down monsters and mages with pure muscular strength and technique.

There were also many old doujinshi that one wouldn’t even find if they searched online, and it was clear that he had been addicted to it for a long time.[4]

He reeks! He reeks of a romanticist who has been chasing his childhood dreams …!

What is this?

Don’t you think it’s okay for him to join Amaterasu instead of being an external collaborator?

I’ll prepare all the monsters and mages, you know?

Rampage as much as you want?

Why? Because It’s fun! It’s absolutely fun!

If you have a dream like that, Amaterasu wecomes you with open arms, old man!

I’ve always wanted an old guy as my right-hand who’s always bitter but reliable!

I’d like to invite him right away, but the problem is that he’s a person with a lot of life experience, and he is also one of those who are chasing after the culprits involved in the Super Water-Ball (basically Amaterasu). I doubt if I can produce a convenient chance encounter, and if I take a bad approach, I’ll be arrested. He’ll then definitely reject Amaterasu with all his might.

I can destroy humanity, but I can’t read people’s minds, and I absolutely can’t predict the future. I have to make careful contact with Detective Kumano… but they have put us on their radar, so the students have been unable to approach Amanoiwato for the past few days.

Why is it that when the police is nearby, guilt is stimulated? It is not supposed to be as such, but it makes me feel restless like being seen through and denounced for my crime of the past. Amaterasu is not doing anything wrong, but trespassing an abandoned building and disturbance caused by the Super Water-Ball incident were clearly against the law. And the underground secret base is illegally constructed.The weapons stored there are also illegal. Even if it’s just probing, it still hurts the tummy. Even if we know they can’t find anything, our anxiety still swells up.

If we don’t get the detectives to betray early, we won’t be able to proceed with our betrayal event without worry. We have to deal with them quickly and carefully.

TL Note

[1]: Dark side refers to unpaid overtime. The employees don’t want that else they’d have to match up or lose their job. ↩︎

[2]: Quote from the anime Eureka Seven ↩︎

[3]: Apparently, it’s a real thing.

[4]: Doujinshi refers to self-published works.( But in this context it (probably) refers to works having explicit content. ↩︎

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