The culprit is That Guy - Part 3/3

Shouta-kun easily fell for Detective Kumano’s bluff and admitted to what was merely his conjecture. To think that the secret of the Amaterasu would leak out so easily! Maybe, I should praise Detective Kumano for his shrewd approach. If he wasn’t a policeman, but an oblivious civilian, I’d have used [Nenrikin] to shut him up in order to keep our secret. Alas, it’s no use thinking about it anymore.

Now, what to do! I don’t know anymore. What should I do anyway.

Should I contact Kaburagi-san and ask for advice? No, she’s in the middle of a marriage interview. If I interrupt in the middle of it, Kaburagi-san’s life will be ruined.

“I won’t tell anyone. Don’t worry, I just want to hear the details. I won’t hurt you. Now, let’s drive to the station.”

“… Haa~. Alright. I’ll say what I can. I don’t know if you’ll believe the story of the World’s Darkness. Just let me have a little break before we get in the car.”

No, no, no. Kaburagi-san had told me to contact her at such times. She had just gotten angry about the matter with Baba.

“Oi, Oi, Oi! Who smokes in front of cops? Stop it.”

“Ah!? What are you doing!? Give that back!”

“Alcohol and tobacco are only for adults.”

But contacting her after I had boasted about persuading Detective Kumano with ease, would leave a bad impression. Damn it. Now isn’t the time to care about appearance.

“It’s not a cigarette, it’s a chocolate cigarette.”

“Chocolate or not. A cigarette is a cigarette. So, it’s bad.”

“It’s a candy! You idiot!”

“Who on earth smokes a candy? Give me a break from your stupid jokes.”

What am I getting so worked up about. Calm down. I am wasting time by messing around like this. Let’s hurry up and call her.

“Give that lighter as well.”

“Don’t fuck with me! Now you want to take my fire away too!?”

“See, if you have a lighter, you’ll want to smoke. But since you aren’t going to be smoking, you won’t be needing that lighter. You might be really mad at this random uncle meddling in your life, but smoking really is harmful to your health, especially when you’re so young.”

“Uwaah! Stop being stupid! Give it back! Damn it! Don’t take it away from me!!!”

While I was making the phone call to Kaburagi-san, Shouta-kun who couldn’t hold it in any more unleashed an ice-cold punch at Detective Kumano’s stomach. Detective Kumano dodged it by shifting his body a little. The two glared at each other.

Detective Kumano and Shota-kun plunged into a fight.

What the…..

Hey, wait a minute.

Why is this happening?

I want to throw up.

If Shouta-kun’s used his freezing ability to its fullest, Detective Kumano would instantly become an ice sculpture and would end up being killed. Thankfully, Shouta-kun isn’t doing so. Detective Kumano, however, was calmly parrying the punches and kicks of Shouta-kun who had clad his fist in cold white mist. But even then when Shouta-kun’s fist made contact for a moment, a considerable amount of cold air leaked out, causing the detective to back away. When Shouta-kun tried to close the distance, Detective Kumano took off his suit and threw it at him to block his vision.

“—-So, they’re fighting right now. They don’t have any guns or knives. It doesn’t seem like they are going to kill each oth…uwaa, Detective Kumano has torn off a piece of the drain spout and is swinging it around! He is damaging the property!”

“I understand. Ok. Let the World’s Darkness attack the two of them.”

“Eh, are you sure? Won’t the timing seem suspicious?”

It’d appear as if it came to save Shouta-kun. … No, is it alright to attack Shouta-kun with the World’s Darkness? Not that Detective Kumano would ally with the World’s Darkness. But it’d make Detective Kumano question as to why the World’s Darkness, that was nothing but a rumor until now, interfered at this time, but… hmm?

“It’s far better than Shouta-kun being arrested for a crime of assault here. At this point a complete cover-up is almost impossible, so we should move onto the next best outcome. Even if it’s a little suspicious, we could later erase some evidence if we could get through this situation first.”

“Didn’t you have a strong connection with the police?”

“Right. That’s why we are going to have to resort to rather forceful measures. In the worst case, I might have to pull some strings and force Detective Kumano to retire.”

“That’s scary.”

“Only in the worst case scenario. I don’t enjoy destroying people’s livelihood either.”

“Understood, I’ll leave that part to you. Ah, Shouta-kun lost.”

Detective Kumano, with the resolve of getting frostbite, had firmly grabbed Shota-kun’s neck from behind. And he gave a little twist and Shouta-kun fainted.

Even though Shouta-kun was holding back, he was still powerful and Detective Kumano won against him with just a drain spout and his suit. His years of physical and mental training wasn’t just for show. Of course, Detective Kumano wasn’t unscathed. He was trembling with a pale face while breathing heavily. His hands had turned red and his hair was slightly frosty.

In the end, Detective Kumano didn’t call for reinforcements. Even though Shouta-kun was in a state of rage after being robbed of his fire (lighter), Detective Kumano could have escaped if he wanted to, but he chose to fight head on.

Was he trying to avoid making a commotion? Or did it slipped his mind? There’s no way he thought he could fight alone. Perhaps he was excited to be in a situation like the MC of his favorite novel and decided to take on the superhuman barehandedly.

Well, in any case, let’s get the World’s Darkness to appear before Detective Kumano who is handcuffing the unconscious Shouta-kun.

Shota-kun vs. Detective Kumano has been settled, so there’s no problem there. Now, let’s get through this situation somehow. It’s about time for Detective Gesui to come as well. Let’s do this quickly.

With the sound of falling water, a World Shadow fell down from the roof of the dilapidated building, forming an eerie-looking black puddle on the asphalt. Detective Kumano, who had been just about to snap handcuffs onto Shouta-kun, turned around and widened his eyes at the sight of the black puddle squirming in a bizarre manner.

“What is it this time…?”

Detective Kumano hoisted Shouta-kun up as he kept an eye on the World’s Darkness without letting his guard down. Right in front of him, the black puddle stretched. Its head and limbs appeared, and it transformed into a slender humanoid form.

“Are you Time Lady? Burning Girl? Or could it be, Invisible Titan? …No hold on, you are…

Detective Kumano seemed to have mistaken the World’s Darkness as an ally who came to save Shouta-kun, but when I transformed one arm of the World’s Darkness into a vicious-looking jaw like that of an alligator’s to make it easy to understand that it was an enemy. Detective Kumano caught on quickly. He shuddered a bit, but he took on a fighting stance while protecting Shouta-kun behind him.

“The World’s Darkness huh…!”



“Alright. I get it. You’re lost. So this good Onii-san will look for your mother. But will you tell me your name first.”


Yasuo Yasui was deeply troubled by the little girl who clung to his feet and cried loudly making him think that her throat might snap at any moment. He wanted to shake her off and kick her away, but it would bring him a lot of trouble if he did that in the middle of the street while people were staring at him. He approached the edge of the road and gave an awkward smile to the passerby.

His partner, Detective Kumano, had just gone off to do his own thing. I ain’t a goddamn nursery teacher, swore Yasui internally while taking out a piece of candy to give to the little girl.

“Okay. Look, it’s Candy-chan. Eat this and be quiet.”


Baba crying

The little girl threw away the candy and shook her head violently. The conversation wasn’t going anywhere. He was in trouble the moment he noticed the crying girl. With Detective Kumano looking around, ignoring her in such a state wasn’t an option. And so he had called out to her. Thus ensued all the clinging and crying that seemed to have no end.

Detective Kumano went away saying that he would only cause more trouble if he stayed. Well it was true, but Yasui still felt bitter about it.

Since the girl only cried and didn’t say anything, there was nothing he could do. Yasui, who had given up on resolving this situation was about to call out to a policewoman on the radio, when suddenly the girl stopped crying and grabbed his arm with a firm grip.

Surprised, Yasui looked down at the face of the little girl who had stopped crying and was surprised again when see saw the eerie calm on her face. Her cold, wide-open eyes caused a chill to run down his spine.

“Here no one would see us for a while. Yasuo Yasui, let’s make a deal.”

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