"Flow, My Tears," Said the Detective - Part 1/2

Detective Kumano engaged the World’s Darkness in a battle while protecting the unconscious Shouta-kun. But he wasn’t able to deal any damage. Or rather, I didn’t let him deal any damage.


He roared like a wild beast and unleashed a Palm Heel Strike, but it didn’t work on the World’s Darkness. For a moment, it convulsed, but as if nothing had happened, it raised its jaw-like arm in an attempt to cut off Detective Kumano’s neck (not really). Detective Kumano managed to dodge it by the skin of his teeth and countered with a head-butt, but as expected, it didn’t work.

Judging from the feedback I received, it seemed that attack was meant to damage the internal organs, but there were no organs inside the World’s Darkness.

The first few attacks were normal ones. Then he switched to foot and hand chops. Then he tried restraining it with belts and his suit jacket, then he switched to Surface Destruction Strike, and then Internal Destruction Strike, and so on. All attacks of his were ineffective. But even so, it made him feel like a seasoned warrior who searched for an effective attack without fearing an unknown enemy. If the World’s Darkness was really human, he would have defeated it 30 times already.

Strong. Bear-san is really strong.

Upon realising that Internal Destruction Strike was also ineffective, Detective Kumano then moved onto using spear hand thrusts to pierce holes into the World Shadow. Around that time, Shouta-kun woke up thanks to my tugging his sleeve and patting his cheeks with my psychokinesis.

You’re slow, Shouta-kun! We have been waiting for you to wake up! We’re short on time, hurry up and fight together with Detective Kumano and let the bond between you to (artificially) blossom in the struggle.

As soon as Shota-kun woke up, he caught sight of the World’s Darkness and he instinctively jumped out in front of detective Kumano and released his <<Eternal Force Blizzard!».

You sure love to make the first move, huh, Shouta-kun. Well, most enemies die from that so I think it was the right choice.

However, this time he has to cooperate with Detective Kumano to foster a bond that transcends age and status. Unfortunately for them, the World’s Darkness won’t fall that easily.

That’s why I split it up.

I crushed the frozen World’s Darkness by using psychokinesis then thawed it and split it into two, one each for attacking Shota-kun and Detective Kumano respectively.

“Hey, why did it just split up?!”

“Ugh… normally that should be enough to stop them. But since it didn’t work, it might have devoured few of its kind! It is a superior mutation!”

The two of them who were pincered by the World’s Darkness naturally stood back-to-back and before rushing into their opponent. Shota-kun immediately kicked up the fallen bag and grabbed the PET bottle, splashing the water inside and freezing it to create a spear.

Detective Kumano unleashed a roundhouse kick at the World’s Darkness with such force and sharpness that’d put an axe to shame, then glared at it while asking out loud…

“How do we defeat them? Do only superpowers work on them?”

“No, there is a core somewhere in their body. It is barely visible through their translucent skin. You need to really focus to be able to see it.”

“hmm…I see it now!”

“All you have to do is to crush it. Any method will do. Like this!”

Shouta-kun froze the lower half of the World’s Darkness and pierced the core embedded in its head with his spear.

At that moment, the World’s Darkness that Detective Kumano was facing trembled and backed away.

Hmm~…What does that mean?!

The World’s Darkness that Shouta-kun had defeated regenerated its core, got up, and started moving again!

Like mirror images, the two World’s Darkness took the same stance.

Detective Kumano asked in bewilderment.

“Ah, how is it possible? It regenerated!”

“Impossible! Perhaps an immortal?”

What are you idiots thinking! They’re not immortal.

I already dropped a hint.

The splitting.

The strange behavior of the core fragments before regeneration.

The same stance.

Look! It’s something straight out of battle mangas and computer games! Think about it!

“The strange movements shown by this one before yours regenerated must mean that this is the main body. Hmph!”

Detective Kumano’s front kick accurately hit the core and shattered it.

At that moment, the World’s Darkness that Shouta-kun was facing trembled and backed away.

Hmm~…What does that mean?!

The World’s Darkness that Detective Kumano had defeated regenerated its core, got up, and began moving again!

Like mirror images, the two World’s Darkness took the same stance.

I’m sorry, Detective Kumano. It seems you gave the wrong answer.

Shouta-kun, who saw the second World’s Darkness reviving in the exact same fashion, had a realization and shouted while pulverizing the jaws of his opponent with a thrust from his spear.

“I get it now! We have to defeat both of them at the same time!”

Yes Shouta-kun, you are right.

There are two enemies.

But you’re two, too.

You know what to do next, right?

“Match my timing, old man!”

“Don’t you mess it up either. On the count of three…”

A young ESPer wielding an ice spear.

A middle-aged martial artists brandishing his bare fist.

It was a strange combo. The two of them hadn’t talked much but somehow got along just well. In sync, both of them lowered their stance and adjusted their breathing.

Even though this was a sight that I had expected, a sight that I had engineered, it still made my chest swell with emotion.



““Three! Let’s go!””

At the same time, Detective Kumano used his well-trained fist and Shouta-kun used his ice spear, to destroy their repective opponent’s stone core.

Both the World’s Darkness scattered, turning into plain water and leaven behind a broken stone core. The two of them calmed their mind without letting their guard down in front of the wreckage. After confirming that there were no signs of revival or a third body, they finally released their guard.

“So these monsters are made of water, huh. Is the World’s Darkness related to the Super Water-Ball incident in any way?”

“Yeah, they are. Ah, before that give me back my chocolate cigarettes and lighter. I’ll say it again, those are just candys and nothing else. Look closely at the ingredients on the package.”

“… Ah, here take it. It sure is a misleading package. I’m sorry.”

It seemed that a bond of trust had bloomed between the two of them after their experience of helping each other and defeating the monsters. At Shouta-kun’s suggestion, the two of them went not to the police station but to Amanoiwato. For the time being, we managed to overcome this crisis, but somehow it lasted longer than 20 minutes.

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