The President Who Shouted "Love" at the Center of the World - Part 3/3

“How are you doing, Baba-san? I hope you’re not having any trouble.”

On the first day of the Golden Week holiday, all the members of the secret organization Amaterasu were gathered in Amanoiwato, raising a lively commotion. Baba-Nyan was sitting in the counter seat next to the wall, dangling her legs carefreely while turning the pages of Dostoevsky’s masterpiece Crime and Punishment. Her eyes continued chasing the words on the page even as she answered Kaburagi half-heartedly.

“I’m fine…why do you ask?”

“President Kaneyama mentioned that you seemed a bit off lately, so I thought I would check in with you and see how things are.”

Her hand stopped in midst of turning the next page.

“I believe it must be about the strange things I did when I was being manipulated by the World’s Darkness. Right now, I am fine.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry I asked you such a weird question.”

“No, I don’t mind.”

“What are you two talking about?”

“It was about Baba-san. I heard about President Kaneyama noticing Baba’s strange behaviour.”

“Well, she did get possessed for quite a while… Baba-san, are you sure you’ve fully recovered?”

“Indeed. As you can see.”

She responded to the concerned Touka, who has jumped into the conversation, with a smile while clenching her weak-as-usual fists as a display of her recovered vigor.

As Kaburagi said, the only thing that Kaneo Kaneyama noticed was her eccentricities that she deliberately showed in order to make people suspicious for the upcoming betrayal event.

However, she couldn’t entirely rule out the possibility that he might have caught sight of her filching platinum or tools from the Kaneyama Tech labs or misappropriating parts from PSI drives in the middle of tests.

She reminded herself of the need to be even more vigilant going forward, especially against Kaburagi.

The fact was, all of Amaterasu’s members were strongly tied to Sago, and it was hard to draw anyone into the fold. Additionally, Kaburagi was highly intelligent and observant, so she had to avoid making her suspicious.

On the contrary, if she could get Kaburagi on her side, there would be almost no obstacles. But Kaburagi was too close to Sago. It was so strange given they were not even in a relationship but were closer than a married couple. Though it would be reassuring if she could join make her join, but the risk was too great.

For that matter, Yasuo Yasui made for a very convenient pawn. Although the ease with which he could be manipulated by money made him outright untrustworthy, he did not possess the guts to do anything overly ambitious, and he was cunning enough to a certain degree. That combination of traits made him the perfect person to use as a gofer who would be satisfied with the fragmented pieces of information that he was drip fed. And in fact, he did pretty good work in return for all the money being transferred into his account.

She communicated with Yasui using Morse code. Baba-Nyan is able to pick up even the faintest of sounds that humans can’t catch. As Sago’s psychokinesis is a substitute for his five senses, he can’t hear any sounds that are too small.

She also took excessive care when contacting Yasui, sometimes by pretending to pick up something and sometimes by sending signals by listening to music through earphones and rhythmically tapping her fingers on the table.

As it turned out, neither Sago nor Kaburagi were aware of anything yet.

The Demon Slayer PSI drive was already complete.

She would take action after two days.

The location would be Amanoiwato.

At the birthday party that Kaburagi had planned for Sago, everything was going to come to a conclusion———

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